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The Relationship Paradox: You want to feel loved but feel the need to run when it arrives
Rachel, an attractive woman in her 30’s confessed to me, tears streaming down her face, that she never feels attracted to men who are interested in her.
Restarting The Convo: What To Text A Guy You Like
Every girl has that one guy that sticks in her mind. The week you ditched him you were soooooo sure about your feelings for him: he’s hardly that good looking, barely even funny, and you were definitely right when you told him to hit the road.
Dating Burn-Out
How often have you heard singles say I want to date but I just can’t be bothered! Whenever I hear this I know this person is in the dating burn-out phase. They’ve had their fill of bad dates and are in desperate need of solitude.
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman on the First Date
Here's 10 things that you should absolutely never ever say to a woman on a date. Ever.
How often is Mr/Mrs Right your Dating Type?
We all have our list of who we’d classify as appropriate partners for us. Our ‘type’ of person who we envisage spending the rest of our lives with. However is looking for our ‘type’ the right approach to dating? The surprising results in dating site eHarmony’s research is that 69% of people they surveyed are in thriving relationships but not with someone whom they would have defined as their “type”.
Oct 29
How to give an erotic massage your partner will love
Erotic massage can lead to more than just mind blowing sex. Here's some hints and tips to spice up that midnight routine.
Oct 27
What To Buy Your Escort This Christmas
Affairs, escorts - what would you buy your partner on the side for Christmas?
Are You and Your Spouse Living in the Same Country?
When your relationship goes “Blah” it means you have stopped connecting to each other’s desires and feelings. We each have our own interests and we are passionate about them. However, to continue a warm, loving relationship we need to stop and notice where our partner is living. To reconnect, we must walk over the bridge to their country.
Why nice guys come last
We’ve all heard expression that nice guys come last and that women like bad-boys.
Oct 16
When to dance the Funky Chicken with your New Guy
Sex ignites a relationship especially in those amazing early stages where you can’t keep your hands off each other yet having sex with your new guy too soon can leave you heartbroken. One of the core questions women who are dating have is when to have sex with the new guy.
Can you have your cake and eat it?
When I mentioning dating to most luscious bachelorettes, they roll their eyes and slink into a corner. To most of them dating spells boredom, awkwardness and rejection. The reality is that as a single woman you do need to date to find love.
The Psychology Of Tinder And Hinge
Tinder and Hinge can both be a lot of fun if you’re bored and channel surfing at home. There are certain benefits and drawbacks to using these online dating apps.
5 steps to overcoming your fear of dating
It’s a tough world out there and dating is no longer a simple feat, but rather a war zone that is full of cheesy one liners, bad pick-up lines, misleading profile photos and even the odd weirdo!
Squad Goals: Girlfriends To Have Around After A Break Up
Breaking up isn't easy, I mean it's the worst but having a good group of girlfriends around you to lift your spirits up when it's lost sandwiched somewhere in between the couch, the box of Kleenex and the empty jar of Nutella makes dealing with your new reality just a little bit easier.